1.5" Steering box raise kit

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Lowered bus? Save your steering box from destruction! 

Now offering all new, 1.5" raised steering box sections for your 55-67 split bus. Much cleaner and easier than the old cut out, raise and gusset method. If you've done a box raise before, you know how fun it is. 

Look under there, besides your centerpin, the steering box is the lowest, forward most point on your bus. It won't appreciate or hold up against smashing into the pavement for long. 

I've done them the old fashioned way for years. Finally decided to make a nicer alternative. 

Made from my own templates, laser cut from 1/8" steel, test fitted and ready to install when it gets to your door. Includes new brake pedal stop and new inner nose panel support as well. 

The 1.5" kit will require a small floor tub, which is also included with the kit. The 1.25 setup however, does not require floor modification.

On in house raises, I also shorten the column down to retain factory look and feel in the cabin. I can do yours if you want to mail it in! 

Raise is done at the proper angle to retain correct steering column alignment, not a straight up move. 

*Will require welding and fabrication on your end! You must remove the factory box section entirely and replace it with this new piece. Your front floor will also need clearance for proper pitman arm movement. *

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