Adjustable IRS springplates

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I need plates outright! * Not currently available. [+$888.00]
Now offering adjustable IRS springplates for your late type I or type III. *Single springplate only! You'll need to modify or swap out your four bolt plate covers to use these on a dual springplate car. * I typically need your stock set to build. I rarely have any on hand. These are not on the shelf, they're built to order * These plates are precision laser cut and have a notch incorporated into them for full drop capabilities. To gain advantage of them, you will need to replicate the notch on your trailing arm flanges, as those bottom out before your plates will. You can mock up the plate to trace your flange/ see what I mean. I also usually remove the bump stops and the perches they sit on too. With the adjusters, you can fine tune your ride height and balance it out, side to side as well. They do not give a tremendous lift or drop, but they do help mend uneven torsion wear and square up your ride height. These plates utilize stock splined sections, with an all new adjustable portion, spacers and grade 8 hardware. Each plate is built in a fixture and fully welded with new laser cut parts. They'll arrive to you raw to show my workmanship. Not bullshit buried under paint or powder coat, like some other guys. But, If you'd like me to go ahead and prime or paint them, I can do that too. Built here, in my shop, on my table, by me! Email me! Pricing is: $175 with your cores, $275 outright,(if I have any cores to offer)

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