Adjustable springplates. Type I and III

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Lowered swing axle, beyond one spline? You need to correct your toe in issues! 

* I typically need your stock set to build. I rarely have any on hand. These are not on the shelf, they're built to order *
*10/1/2020 I have 8 pairs of late/flat cap cores I can offer outright* 

I've been running extended/notched plates for ages now, tried and true way of extremely reducing bump steer, tire wear, ride quality and overall driving experience! Now with the adjusters, you can fine tune your ride height and balance it out, side to side as well. 

Even on an extremely cambered car, you can triple your tire life too! 

Don't pay hundreds of dollars for the gimmick of dropped plates. They're absolutely not necessary. I've put tens of thousands of miles on lowered Volkswagens without needing them. Why buy a dropped plate, cram your axle up into the body AND have to cut part of your rear shocktower off, when all you need to do is extended your current plate to make the car drive correctly? 

These plates utilize stock splined sections, cut on a lathe, with an all new adjustable portion and grade 8 hardware. Each plate is built in a fixture and fully welded with new CNC parts and extended to the correct length when going low.

 These will NOT affect or cure camber, they cure the toe in. You'll need to do a transaxle raise and several body modifications to solve camber issues. 

They'll arrive to you raw to show my workmanship. Not bullshit buried under paint or powder coat, like some other guys. But, If you'd like me to go ahead and prime or paint them, I can do that too. 

Built here, in my shop, on my table, by me!

Pricing is: 
$175 with your cores, $275 outright.

I also do non adjustable, notched and extended plates for $100 with your cores, $200 outright!

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