Anti-fake patina decals

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"Friends don't let friends fauxtina" 

Fake patina is lame. Blending in repairs on an already patina'd car is one thing... making your decent car rust or distressing a good car is just retarded. 

Show your love and pride of real aged paint with these stickers! Let mother nature handle the paint. 

$1 each shipped! 

1.5" x 4" 

Vinyl with UV-cured inks, which are completely scratch-proof and fade-proof. When applied properly to a clean, dry, smooth surface, these stickers are there to stay. 

Fake Patina. Just say no. 

I have brown font and white font, both are semi legible, but that was sort of the point. 
You'll receive a random color, unless you leave a note with your preference.

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