Core Exchange Policies

To avoid core costs, I must have your parts up front.
Torsion springs, linkpin spindle cores etc.. must all be received before your parts ship to avoid core costs.

*There will be additional surcharges for parts that arrive completely buried in grease and grime.*

Core parts MUST be compatible with what you've purchased. Linkpin and Balljoint Type parts are NOT interchangeable.

 Stock cores returned AFTER are eligible for full refund on core costs
 if they are clean, in good condition and received within 30 days of your initial purchase.

Stock Type I Beam cores, steering boxes, Balljoint Type I Spindles and IRS Springplates are not eligible as cores.
Stock Type III beams, arms and parts are not eligible as cores.

>> I'm always in need of Type I Torsion springs, trailing arms, Linkpin spindles and Swingaxle Springplates. <<

>>Contact me about sending in multiple cores for credit! <<