Linkpin Airbeams

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All of my parts are built to order. Please contact me for current turnaround times.

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Beam Width help
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Right Hand Drive
Autowerks Bomb Keychain [+$4.00]
New Type I front Skidplate [+$50.00]
New Hardware help
Zinc coated grease fittings, set of 4 [+$4.00]
Under tank bolts (Pair) [+$2.00]
New Grade 8 Linkpin bolts, washers and Nylon nuts. Enough for one car [+$12.00]
New Grade 8 Panhead bolts. Set of four [+$15.00]
Bushing color help
- - -100% NEW Narrowed Linkpin Type I AirBeams - - - - 
Narrowed 5"- 8"depending on your needs 

Built here, in my shop, on my table, by me! 

These beams are 100% NEW metal and DOM tubing. Completely jig built and test fitted before shipment, to avoid headaches on your end! 

No body modifications required to fit these beams up to 8" narrowed. I only offer these in shockless, 5" and narrower widths. To lay completely out, you've gotta be pretty narrow. Proper width will also depend on wheel, tire and brakes. I also have guys who use an airshock on my 4" and wider beams.

These beams have a single, right side bag, opposite of the steering box. You retain all of your stock steering setup with no clearance issues. With the single bag, you don't get a ton of lift, but you do get the superior performance, ride and quality of an actual airbag, over the old airshock method. From full drop, you will get roughly 4.5" of lift.

I can do a dual bag beam, but you'll have to convert to rack and pinion steering and figure out the steering geometry yourself.

*Alignment will need to be set at your desired ride height. Change of height will alter the alignment, though in my experience, there is usually a 20-30psi leeway through the height cycle.

- LinkPin, pre- 66

Parts and labor 
NEW DOM Tubing Beam narrowed to your specifications 
Drilled and tapped for grease fittings 
Laser cut side plates 
Laser cut bag brackets
Lower arm with mount fully welded* (Outright or exchange)
Custom made frame head mounts, with under tank bolt inserts.
Chromoly, torsion spring replacement through rods
New Slam Specialties SS5 Bag
Grade 8 hardware
New set of beam bushings, reamed and properly fitted. No bound up junk! 
Jig built and test fitted before shipment 

New, thick walled Tie-rod tubes narrowed to match, one piece! Not cut and welded! 
NEW set of four tie-rod ends *
* Please select tie rods and/or rod ends under additional options, if you would like them included with your new beam. 

You will also need air management to make it all work. Fittings, Tank, compressor etc are not included.

*Contact me about multiple core credits.

My beams are built to order, to ensure you get exactly what your after. I have nothing in stock and ready to go, and normally have a que. Each beam is a 3-5 day turnaround, but depending on work load in the shop, it can be well over three weeks. Please contact me about current turnaround times, as they vary! 
Also, my beams come Raw to show workmanship and quality. They have a light clear coat to keep them from rusting before you get them. Nothing hidden underneath, you see what you get! 

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