Nice, Clean and NEW!
Nice, Clean and NEW!

New Narrowed, Adjustable Beams. Type II

Your Price: $650.00
All of my parts are built to order. Please contact me for current turnaround times.
Part Number:020

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Desired beam width. help
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Additional Options
Autowerks Bomb Keychain [+$4.00]
Shortened Centerpin housing. *Only applies to super low, early busses. [+$50.00]
New Centerpin Kit and install/ ream [+$100.00]
New Hardware help
New Grade 8 lower shock nuts [+$2.00]
New Zinc coated grease fittings. Set of four [+$4.00]
New Grade 8 upper shock bolts [+$5.00]
New steering damper. [+$35.00]
**NEW ,Adjustable Narrowed Type II Bus Beams, 55-79 ** 
Type II 55-67 Linkpin beams - 68-79 Balljoint beams and 68-79 linkpin conversions! 

** I typically must have your core to begin, rarely do I have cores to build from. These are all built to order **

Built here, in my shop, on my table, by me! 

Available 2,3,4 & 5" Narrowed. 
Brand new steel tubing, cnc'd cut parts, top notch materials, all jig built! 

Linkpin or Balljoint configuration
plus return shipping. (with your core beam) 

I'll need your core for the centerpin housing and torsion blocks inside the tubes. 
Contact me about simplifying your core to save you on initial shipping costs!

- All new steel tube beam 
- Cnc cut sideplates with dual bolt pattern 
( bolts into your split OR baywindow ) 
- Cnc cut steering damper mount 
- New adjusters 
- New, reamed beam bushings
- 71+ brake booster mount ( if required )  
* Please select tie rods and/or rod ends under additional options, if you would like them included with your new beam. 

* All beams, please add 150 if you need torsion springs outright. That price gets you a set of torsions, clean, cut, dimpled and installed.. 
Send yours in, cleaned up and I will narrow/ dimple and install them for free, OR if you have a drill press you can tackle them yourself fairly easily. There will be surcharges for torsions sent up, buried in grease. 

My beams are built to order, to ensure you get exactly what your after. I have nothing in stock and ready to go, and normally have a que. Each beam is a 3-5 day turnaround, but depending on work load in the shop, it can several weeks. Airbeams and complete beams take even longer.

 Please contact me about current turnaround times, as they vary! 

Also, my beams come Raw to show workmanship and quality. They have a light clear coat to keep them from rusting before you get them. Nothing hidden underneath, you see what you get! 

You can cut down your stock beam to send as a core, to make it easier on your end to ship! I only need the center sections and your torsion springs! 

I can also make your 56-67 bus spindles into 3.5" Flipped dropped spindles too! 

*Please inquire if interested in a Linkpin conversion for your 68-79 Baywindow bus. Only really recommended if planning to ride super low. You'll need to source 64-67 trailing arms and spindles too, among other details.

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