Old style Type I Upper bag mounts.

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 Cleaning off a shelf and dug out these old style upper bag mounts for type I beams. 
I use a different type now so I won't be using these. I did however use this type for years and have this type in my personal car too, for the past 6+ years! 

 These are for a single passengers side bag beam, opposite of the steering box. Or, buy two and figure out rack and pinion.

 No cutting or extra bullshit needed to fit to your car.  It'll bolt right in. Don't cut a pointless giant hole in your car for a center mount type... that's silly. 

 Laser cut in 3/16" steel. These will fit linkpin or Balljoint. Will come flat, you bend them up and weld. Bent and welded mount shown for illustration only. 

I can do the bending and welding for an additional $50 if you'd like. 

(You'll have to fab up your own lower mount on your trailing arm as well.)

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