Reconditioned Balljoint trailing arm service, Type 1

Reconditioned Balljoint trailing arm service, Type 1

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Grade 8 lower shock nuts, pair [+$2.00]
Autowerks Bomb Keychain [+$4.00]
OE Grub screws and jamb nuts, set of Four. [+$5.00]
Eccentric camber nuts and washers [+$35.00]
NEW Lowered TRW balljoints, Set of four [+$100.00]
Balljoint Installation Labor. All four [+$100.00]
Complete Package help
Full set of four arms, ready to ride with all of the above included. [+$200.00]
* Please contact me before hand to be sure I have cores available * 

Refinished original Balljoint front trailing arms ( 66+ type I ) 

I can provide them cleaned up and ready for new balljoints or they're also available fully turn key with balljoints installed, eccentric camber nuts and grubs screws too, if needed. 

I use TRW balljoints.  They are nice quality joints and they are an actual Ball Joint, instead of the typical slotted style. These allow for tons more range of movement and ride quality. 

* If you see them cheaper, they're using Chinese Balljoints! * 

Pricing is as follows: 
Set of four arms, two upper, two lower. Cleaned up a bit with balljoints removed, ready for new ones - $125 shipped. 
Lowered TRW balljoints. - $100 shipped 
Balljoint installation labor - $100. In and out. 
Eccentric camber nuts - $35 shipped 
Set of four grub screws and jamb nuts - $5 shipped 

Full setup ready to ride, painted black rustoleum with all of the above - $325 shipped. 
Send in your arms and it would be $75 less, or $250 total. 

These are only available if I have them in stock. Please contact me first to be sure I have core arms to build! 

 I do these for Type I only. I don't have the cups to do Type II Joints at the moment.

** please keep in mind these are 40-50 year old OE VW parts, and though they are cleaned, blasted and painted, they may still have small blemishes or slight pitting in them. **

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