Nice and Clean. All new steel!
Nice and Clean. All new steel!

Scratchbuilt Type I Conversion Beams

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All of my parts are built to order. Please contact me for current turnaround times.
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New Grade 8 lower shock nuts [+$2.00]
New Zinc coated grease fittings. Set of four [+$4.00]
New Grade 8 upper shock bolts [+$5.00]
New Steering Coupler disc [+$15.00]
New steering damper [+$35.00]
Balljoint Type I Dropped Spindle options help
Balljoint Type I Trailing Arms help
Full set of four arms, ready to ride with all new components included. [+$325.00]
Linkpin Type I Dropped Spindle Options help
Linkpin Spindle Core help
I am sending a pair of Stock Linkpin Type 1 spindles as cores! [+$-100.00]
<<<100% New! Narrowed Type I conversion beam for Type III >>> 

This is a type one based beam that is configured to directly bolt into your type three, re using your type III steering box and mounting hardware! No modifying your car! 
*+ Removing the bits of panhead that hang down, once you swap to type 1 is highly recommended, to get the full benefit of ground clearance and to avoid damage to your pan! +* 

*You do remove the rubber that surrounds the stock, Type 3 axle. This new beam bolts directly to the panhead, with no rubber. 

You will need Type I arms/spindles and possibly brakes to finish the swap. I can provide these too if needed. 
If you're converting a late, disc brake Type III, you can retain your rotors and calipers with a Type I, disc dropped spindle, LP or BJ. 

Finally narrow that front end, to fit those wheels/tires you've always wanted! Narrowing is not all about being super low, its nice to fit the wheels and tires you want and not shred your tires off on your fenders and also retain some ride quality! 

Ive been building these for over ten years now and I've got them worldwide! Built here, in my shop, on my table, by me! 

Narrowed 2"- 5" depending on your needs. 
That is up to 5" narrower than your stock type III beam, drum to drum. 

Linkpin OR Balljoint 
3"-5" Shockless 
2"-3" With shock towers 
4" towered beam will require trimming of your panhead pinchweld for proper tower and lower shock stud clearance. I can do a 3" with absolutely no modification. 

These beams are 100% Jig built, to insure a proper fit AND also test fitted to a donor Type III pan head. Can be produced from Linkpin or Balljoint based Type one. I usually base that decision on what core T1 parts are more readily available to you. 

They include: 
NEW DOM steel tubing built to your specifications
NEW adjusters installed seamlessly, NO cut tubes! 
NEW Valle-Tec Beam bushings. 
Laser cut Sideplates
Laser cut steering damper mount
Laser cut gussets
Custom made mounts w/ beam to body mounting tabs, re-use your stock hardware! 
NEW narrowed tie-rods, one piece, not cut and welded!*
 Narrowed Type I torsion springs**

* Please select tie rods and/or rod ends under additional options, if you would like them included with your new beam. 

**The torsion fee gets you a set of torsions, clean, cut, dimpled and installed.. 

Send your springs in, cleaned up and I will narrow/ dimple and install them for free, OR if you have a drill press you can tackle them yourself fairly easily. There will be surcharges for torsions sent up, buried in grease. 

*Contact me about core refunds or multiple core credits.

I can do a complete beam, with torsion springs, refinished trailing arms and dropped spindles, Linkpin or Balljoint style. 

----More info----- 
To complete the install you WILL need the following: 
Type one front trailing arms 
Type one dropped spindles and 
Type one brakes/ brake parts. IF You have a later Type III, you can retain your Type III rotors and calipers by running type I Disc spindles for LP or BJ!! 

Easiest thing to do is find a Beetle or ghia beam, drum to drum and strip it.. Then you have your arms/ torsion springs and brake parts! 

My beams are built to order, to ensure you get exactly what your after. I have nothing in stock and ready to go, and normally have a que. Each beam is a 3-5 day turnaround, but depending on work load in the shop, it can several weeks. Airbeams and complete beams take even longer.

 Please contact me about current turnaround times, as they vary! 

Also, my beams come Raw to show workmanship and quality. They have a light clear coat to keep them from rusting before you get them. Nothing hidden underneath, you see what you get! 

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