Type I Conversion beam mounts. LP & BJ

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Type I Conversion beam mounts.

Add these mounts to a Type one beam and it will directly bolt into your Type III! You retain all of your stock type III mounting hardware, even the rubber bushing from beam tab to body! 

*$115 USD shipped anywhere in the US, $140 shipped Canada, $160 shipped UK.*
Mounts will ship with beam to body tab NOT attached, to better fit into a small USPS box. 

*You do remove the rubber that surrounds the stock, Type 3 axle. 

No modification to your car required, but I do suggest removal of the bit of panhead that now hangs down waiting to be bent or killed, once you swap to type 1. 

If using a German beam, you'll also have to remove or relocate the steering damper mount, as it sits much steeper than type 3 and will hit your fuel tank. 

**This is for a set of mounts only. You or someone else must weld these onto a type I beam. I can't be responsible for what occurs after they leave my table ** 

You can run stock width Type I all the way up to 5" Narrowed Type I. 

This is one pair of mounts that you or someone you know must then weld onto a type I based beam. 

Plese specify Linkpin (-66) Or Balljoint (66+) Type I when ordering. 

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