New Valle-Tec Beam bushings. Produced in house!

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-- Valle-Tec Beam Bushings --

*Not currently for sale outright, but included with all of my Linkpin and Balljoint Type 1 beams!*

 Now producing my very own Type I beam bushings, in house with my own designed molds. No outsourcing cheap, ill fitting bushings or paying someone to machine me some brittle plastic tubing (delrin).

After years of trying and modifying EVERY available beam bushing option I've finally designed and built molds to create my own blend of beam bushings. A service that no other Type I suspension builder is offering! 

Empi, Bugpack, Saaco, Kartek, LatestRage, PeterKewld... They're all ill fitting bushings without some reaming and modification, or just plain shitty material.

A few people might take the time to turn down and/or ream their bushings for a proper fit, like I've always done in the past, but most are just cramming in some red Chinese bushings while hoping they get lucky and you wont realize how badly they fit. Some Kewl guys are machining brittle junk delrin and hoping they don't break when you're assembling the beam or driving down the road, mostly counting on your car resting on a trailer the majority of its life.

Like a lot of other guys, I too jumped on the delrin bandwagon when it hit the scene, but after having a few break during install and in shipment, I immediately stopped using them and went back to modifying the best bushings I could source. If they break during shipment, I definitely don't want them underneath my car.

 My bushings are produced in house from my own mixed and hand poured blend of UV and impact resistant material. A more rubber based bushing than anything I've tried from whats readily available today. Much firmer and dense than the Chinese alternatives, but a bit of give that you just don't get with a super hard Saaco or Kewl bushing. 

Literally years of development and testing went into these bushings from concept to production. Just like my beams and parts, each individual bushing is test fitted and checked before it leaves my table.

Some will argue that bearings are the way to go, but with quality bearings difficult to source, inner surface micarta being so brittle and with little to nothing holding them in place, I feel a lot better about a quality, one piece bushing holding my arms in place over hoping my inner micarta doesn't move.  

You could always have a beam built from a 50+ year old, who knows what condition German core... but that's also not something that I do.

*Not currently for sale outright, but included with all of my Linkpin and Balljoint Type 1 beams!*

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